We love Mallorca, this beautiful island with all its facets and colors, with all the beautiful places and bays. The vibrant capital Palma, its majestic old buildings and the "Borne". The numerous cafés and restaurants with the all-encompassing variety of culinary delights. The attitude to life and the incomparable quality of life that this island has in store for us! We can safely say that this feeling overcomes everyone who sets foot on this beautiful island for the first time.

Exactly this love combined with the enthusiasm for new or old, modern or Mediterranean, new building or finca, villa or penthouse, it doesn't matter, because it takes exactly this love and enthusiasm for top properties to be successful in this profession!

We take you by the hand and accompany you in all matters. From the first contact, through the search for your dream property to the notary appointment. But even after that, we are always there for you and will help you wherever you need support. We maintain first-class relationships with our lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, banks and insurers, so that you will always receive extensive advice directly from professionals in your native language.

Our experienced team not only shows you the desired property, but also offers you insights into the surrounding area. Where and how far away are the nearest beaches, markets, restaurants and shops for everyday needs. Everything is treated with a high degree of transparency and thoroughness, so that you do not expect any unpleasant surprises during your first stay in your new Mallorca home, because the location and the environment are certainly just as important as the property itself.

For us, it's not just about the sale, but much more about conveying an embracing attitude to life, a lifestyle that captivates everyone and doesn't let go! You should now have the feeling that you have done everything right and should not have any doubts. That is the goal and for us, as a trustworthy and competent broker here on Mallorca, it is a matter close to our hearts!

Managing Director

Marcel Pelzer

German, English, Spanish

Sales Manager

Lamia Pelzer


German, English, Turkish, Spanish

Sales Manager

Simon Strzelec

German, English, Spanish, Polish

Sales Manager

Linda Ueno

jJpanese, Spanish, English, Slovak, Czech

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