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Apartment - Penthouse
Sa Rapita

Type of property Apartment Living area 85 sqm Number of rooms 3 Purchase price 379.000 €

House - Villa
Port D'Andratx

Type of property House Living area 380 sqm Plot 650 sqm Number of rooms 5 Purchase price 3.500.000 €
  • IMG_6057

Apartment - Apartment

Type of property Apartment Living area 110 sqm Number of rooms 4 Rent including heating 2.800 €
  • Frontansicht

House - Terraced house

Type of property House Living area 95 sqm Plot 243 sqm Number of rooms 5 Purchase price 710.500 €
  • Gartenansicht

House - Terraced house

Type of property House Living area 95 sqm Plot 333 sqm Number of rooms 5 Purchase price 735.500 €
  • Zugang Apartment

Apartment - Apartment
Sa Rapita

Type of property Apartment Living area 83 sqm Number of rooms 3 Purchase price 379.000 €

Buy property in Mallorca: Homes and Houses for sale

Mallorca, the pearl of the Mediterranean, not only attracts millions of sun worshipers every year, but also investors and people who relocate their lives to the island of Mallorca. Mallorca offers the opportunity to redesign your life, greatly increase the quality of life and enjoy the luxury that Mallorca offers every day. The island of Mallorca offers a wide range of exquisite properties including luxury villas, houses, fincas, apartments and homes spread throughout the island paradise. You can also buy yourself a part of the island paradise.

Luxury villas - elegance in every corner

Luxury villas in Mallorca embody the pinnacle of sophisticated island life. With breathtaking sea views and surrounded by lush gardens, these properties offer not only a retreat but also a place to fully enjoy the Mediterranean ambience. Whether contemporary in design or traditional Mallorcan style, each villa is a masterpiece of architecture. There are many offers to choose from in the villa area on Mallorca. Whether in the Andratx area or in the southeast of the island, almost everyone can find something to buy here. The Safehouse team will provide you with trustworthy support in selecting the right property and will accompany you through the entire purchase process.

Houses in Mallorca - comfort and style combined

For those looking for generous space and individual style, the exclusive houses in Mallorca offer the perfect solution. From modern properties with clean lines to charming mansions with a historical flair - the selection is diverse. Every house in Mallorca in our portfolio is designed with attention to detail and offers the highest level of comfort for sophisticated living. Buying a house in Mallorca also means affording the Mediterranean lifestyle. With the right plot of land, the dream property on it, anyone new to living on the island of Mallorca will feel that their standard of living increases massively. There is a fairly wide and large selection of house properties in Mallorca. We would also be happy to support you in the redesign of your new house in Mallorca, if desired.

Fincas on Mallorca - country life with a touch of luxury

Mallorca's fincas represent authentic country life with a modern touch of luxury. Surrounded by idyllic landscapes, olive groves and vineyards, these properties offer an oasis of peace. The combination of traditional architecture and contemporary comfort makes each finca a unique retreat for those who want to enjoy Mallorca in its original form by purchasing this property. The demand for a finca to buy in Mallorca has increased significantly. This can be explained for many reasons. A typical finca on Mallorca represents a harmonious retreat, the peace and harmony in combination with a breathtaking environment, its own orange, lemon and/or olive trees on the property: all of this makes a finca property. The fact that some of them already have a pool is a size that is no longer available for new buildings today: this is also a big advantage when buying a finca on Mallorca.

Apartments - Urban luxury in the metropolises of Mallorca

The urban centers of Mallorca offer an impressive selection of exclusive apartments. With panoramic views over the city and the Mediterranean, these apartments offer an urban lifestyle combined with all amenities. Whether in the heart of Palma de Mallorca or in other up-and-coming city districts – the apartments on the island promise stylish living in a prime location. The capital Palma is the beating heart of the island of Mallorca. Each neighborhood has its own charm and character. Palma offers a large selection of cafes, restaurants and sports and cultural offerings. An apartment in Andratx or Santa Ponsa usually offers the new owner a spectacular view and is usually close to the beach. Whether in Santa Ponsa or Andratx: here too there is a wide choice to enjoy culinary dishes, do sports in the morning or go out in the evening. When buying an apartment in Mallorca, we offer you our full expertise in the purchase process and of course we also offer you support with any redesign of the apartment.

Spread across the entire island - Buy your dream property in Mallorca

The properties on offer in Mallorca are not limited to certain regions; they extend across the entire island. From the North Coast with its charming bays to the South Coast with its glamorous marinas, there is the perfect property to suit every taste and lifestyle. The search for your property in Mallorca is made easier by our experienced real estate agents who not only know the local market, but also understand your individual needs. Let a Safehouse expert guide you to find the perfect home that not only meets your dream home, but also represents a solid investment. Overall, every villa on Mallorca, every house, every finca and apartment on Mallorca offers a unique opportunity to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle in one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. When buying a property in Mallorca, whether as a second home, investment or permanent residence - Mallorca has something to offer for everyone. Discover the variety of properties and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the island of Mallorca.

Homes and Properties: There is something for everyone

If you are looking for a property, whether a house, a villa, an apartment in the capital Palma de Mallorca or an apartment with a sea view: your Safehouse Real Estate team will find the perfect property for you! If you are looking for a house for yourself, we have properties in our portfolio that you will like. In case you are looking for a house for yourself, we have properties in our portfolio that you will like. The respective property in the house area can be located in a more rural location or in one of the metropolises on Mallorca.

Safehouse Real Estate: Our representative in the USA for your Mallorca Property

We understand that American citizens are interested in a house, a villa, an apartment and homes in general. This is why we have a Safehouse Real Estate representative in the USA. With our employee Anthony Stachowitz you have a contact who knows his way around the island of Mallorca and will be happy to advise you on the subject of purchasing without a language barrier. Do not hesitate to contact him to find a property for you in Mallorca. He is also well informed if you are looking for a villa in Mallorca. He already knows one or two of the villas in our offer because he has visited them himself. The prices for a villa, the quality of the villas will delight you. Contact him for any questions about Villa & Property.



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